Was Sex doll my answer?

I searched the internet for ways of satiation and came across Silicon wives, a website that specializes in premium quality of sex dolls. I didn’t want to test myself to the hilt and decided to order one for myself. I asked them to customize her eyes and lips to look like Sally’s and they obliged. In less than fifteen days, the parcel arrived, all discreetly packed and unlabelled.

I had mixed feelings!

I felt guilty but when I un-wrap her I was ecstatic that she resembled Sally a lot. Strangely, I did not find anything wrong in making it out with the doll because I treated her like a tool for gratification. The quality of the doll was awesome and I never once felt like I was doing something awkward. The high-quality silicone and PTE material gave it a lifelike feel. The orifices were warm and worked perfectly well.

I love my wife too much to cheat:

I think that a sex doll is a good bridge between an ailing wife and a husband who is starved of sex. You don’t know what a man who is not satiated is capable of in negative connotation. Great sex can do wonders albeit even of with the sex doll. It would be too naïve of me to recommend this to anyone because it is a personal thing. It is a matter of prerogative and each one needs to take own call!