I was watching her go!

We had been married for less than two years and more than half of the last year, we have spent at the hospice. We were celebrating our first anniversary when Sally had her first blackout. She was holding the knife and my hand was over hers and we were surrounded by our few very special guests that included our family mostly and a couple of friends whom we both grew up with.


She was so happy and looking so pretty- prettier than the day she was a bride. Sally and I had met at high school and I knew from the first time that we would hit each other. She had an aura about her and her charisma was magnetic. She had loads of guys around her always and she was so particular about her chastity that she maintained her virginity for me, her husband! I was very proud of Sally. I was particularly proud that she chose me to be her life partner when she had better choices. She was everything o me and as I held her hand to cut the cake that she had herself baked for this big day, I could not but look heavenwards and thank Lord Jesus for the blessings that he had sent towards me!

Sally plopped in my arms just like that!

While she looked into my eyes before she closed them for a second, I realized that everything was not okay. She looked as if she was in a trance. She looked a little pale since morning but she was too busy to even entertain a thought of taking a break to rest. She said that she had wanted to bake the most fantastic of cakes for that day and she intended to be the best host that she could be.

Fitness Freak

And then she fell into my arms! I felt so confused. I had never heard sally ever complain of any fatigue or not being well ever in her lifetime. She was a fitness freak and an overachiever. She could never settle for the mediocre. I was sure that she may have pushed herself to the brink and that is the reason that she was absolutely worn out.


I lifted her and put her on the sofa while I dialed 911. The service was quick and in no time, we were at the hospital where the doctors were pushing all kinds of tubes and needles into her body. What I thought was exhaustion turned out to be her first blackout. Sally was having a tumor in her brain growing at the speed of few millimeters every day. Surgery to remove it was one fraught with immense risks and chemotherapy was on the cards but the most painful process and I live Sally. I cannot imagine her undergoing so much pain. I was crestfallen. How could the Lord betray us?